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Feature offered by our sdk.
Our SDK provides two modes of transaction authentication which is OTP based two-factor authentication and touchID-based signing.
Touch Id based signing:
Our SDK exposes a hardware-based signer which leverages the hardware security infrastructure secure enclave (for apple devices) to sign user transactions via biometric authentication. Once a signed transaction is propagated through the bundler, it gets verified on-chain at the smart contract wallet, and once the verification passes transaction executes successfully; else reverted.
2FA-based transaction authentication:
In 2FA-based transaction authentication, a user sends his transaction with the OTP generated at the user's end via google authenticator. The OTP is used to generate a Merkle Inclusion Proof using zero-knowledge proofs. Once the proof verification passes on-chain, the transaction executes or else reverted.
Multi device support:
Banana smart contract wallets are enabled with multi device support feature. i.e. User can add their multiple device as a signer for their smart contract wallet.