🤓Useful Terminologies

  • Root of Merkle Tree: In a Merkle tree, the "root" is the top node of the tree. It is sometimes called the "Merkle root" or the "root hash". The tree's root is the tree's top node, and it represents the hash of all of the data in the tree. The root of the tree can be used to verify the authenticity of the data in the tree. For example, if the prover wants to prove to the verifier that a particular piece of data is authentic, they can provide the root of the tree and the hashes for the leaf nodes leading to that piece of data. The verifier can then use these hashes to recompute the root hash and verify that it matches the root hash provided by the prover. Suppose the root hash provided by the prover matches the root hash computed by the verifier. In that case, the verifier can be confident that the data is authentic, even though they never saw it.

  • Input generated from OTP: Input is used to create the ZK proof. It consists of 4 things time, OTP, path elements, and path indices. Path elements are the hashes used to prove the authenticity of a particular piece of data in a Merkle tree. To verify the authenticity of a specific piece of data in a Merkle tree, the prover provides a Merkle proof, a series of hashes that starts at the leaf node for the part of data and ends at the root of the tree. Path Indices indicate which child of a parent node a particular hash belongs to.

  • QR code URI: The QR code is generated from the secret generated in the front end. The first step is to extract URI from the secret. And the second step is to display the QR code by using uri.

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