🧑‍🤝‍🧑Multi-Device Support

What is Multi-Device support?

Traditional passkey-based wallets have a huge friction point on being accessible by only one device (a device that is used while contract deployment) because the private keys corresponding to the public keys reside in the secure enclave environment of the device and the user can never export them. Due to which it's the wallet gets scoped to a particular device as only that device can be used as a signer for the smart contract wallet.

We at Banana SDK solved this issue by bringing a Multi-Device support feature to our smart contract wallet. Through this feature, users would be able to add their other devices as co-signer for their wallets. Now users would be able to use their other added devices as well to sign transactions. We have developed a seamless process for enabling users to be able to add their other device as a signer to their existing smart contract wallet.

To start adding a new device a signer to your existing wallet. You can head over to here. Then provide the username of the wallet to whom you need to add your new device as the signer.

Once you click on login, it will authenticate whether you possess access to the wallet corresponding to the wallet name you enter. If the authentication is successful it will redirect you to the next steps.

Once the authentication completes you will be redirected to the next steps where you will be required to generate a QR code which contains public data regarding passkeys through a provided link. Once the QR code has been successfully generated, you can feed the QR code to the website via scanning it or directly uploading it

After clicking, you will be redirected to a separate page which will help you generate a QR code containing the public keys corresponding to the passkeys generated in your new device.

Note: you will have to open the link on your new device.

After clicking on next this page will generate a passkey pair after authenticating and once you are authenticated successfully a QR code will show up which will contain information about the public keys of generated passkey. After downloading QR code you can close the current window.

Once QR code generation process completes you can again head over to your old device and you can either scan the QR code or upload the QR code which is generated on your new device

For now, i am uploading the QR code using the upload option

After uploading QR code it checks the QR code for its syntactic validity and once it passes the validity checks it initiates the process of adding your new device as a signer to your smart contract wallet.

Adding a device is again a transaction so you will to confirm the transaction.

Once the transaction is successful the new device is added successfully to your existing smart contract wallet.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on the Banana SDK Discord forum.

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