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Passkey as a service for Smart contract wallets


The Passkey Signer is an extension of the ethers abstract signer that enhances its functionality by enabling the signing of transactions, messages, and typed messages for blockchains using passkeys. A passkey is a digital credential associated with a user account and a specific website or application. It allows users to authenticate without the need for usernames, passwords, or additional authentication factors. This technology aims to replace traditional authentication methods like passwords, offering a faster, more user-friendly, and secure alternative to private key management.


Enhanced User Experience: Onboarding new users to the blockchain often involves complex tasks such as managing seed phrases and private keys. The Passkey Signer addresses these challenges, ensuring that even users who are unaware of the significance of their security concerns can navigate the process without the risk of losing funds.

Improved Security: While not explicitly advertised, enhanced security is a fundamental aspect of the Passkey Signer. By leveraging passkeys, common security risks such as weak or reused credentials, leaked information, and phishing attacks are mitigated.

Seamless Integration: When initializing a smart contract wallet or wallet SDK, an externally owned account (EOA) wallet is typically required to sign messages and transactions. However, many smart contract wallets currently rely on Metamask for this purpose, which deviates from the goal of simplifying the user experience. By integrating the Passkey Signer as an EOA module, wallet infrastructure and wallets themselves can seamlessly facilitate transaction and message signing, eliminating the need for Metamask.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: The Passkey Signer can be utilized on devices that lack biometric scanning capabilities but support Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology. This is achieved through simple QR code scanning. On the backend, devices engage in local key agreement, verify proximity, and establish an end-to-end encrypted communication channel, maintaining robust security standards against phishing attacks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on the Banana SDK Discord forum.

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